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'I've worked with Addy on several film projects and always found her to be professional, yet also easy to work with and an asset to the film set. She can work to a brief, but bring her own imagination and inspiration to a project if needed.' Andy Edwards, Director // Producer - Paranoid Android Films

'Addy is friendly, reliable and realised my designs with ease and flair and undertook any challenges with professionalism.' Rebecca Hall, Makeup Designer

'Addy has previously worked for me as a Makeup Assistant on 'Ibiza Undead' & 'Late Shift'. I was very impressed with her work and her warmth towards the talent she worked with. Addy was always friendly even when the environment was stressful and the pressure was on. She had a positive attitude and could get things done, which in our industry is very important. Overall she is creative, exciting to be around, fast paced and quick thinking. She listens and takes critique and is keen to learn. She is an extremely talented Makeup & SFX Artist; she works hard to grow and I have no doubt she will have a successful career in this industry.' Grainne McCoy, Makeup Designer

'Addy attended Delamar Academy from January - April 2014. She was an incredibly enthusiastic student, and worked hard and studied well whilst she was here. Her willingness to help out was appreciated by students, staff members and tutors. She is a great team member and also completely able to work to her own initiative.' Monika Krok, Administrator - Delamar Academy 

'I’ve hired Addy as my makeup and hair assistant on a variety of different projects over the years and most recently on A Very Tudor Christmas for the BBC. What is great about Addy is that I can trust her with all different genres from contemporary modern day, to character to period; and I know that she will bring a lot of talent and a bright energy to every job.' Frances Darvell White, Makeup Artist 

'Addy is someone Shadowhouse has employed several times as a freelance Makeup Artist. As an independent UK film company, we pride ourselves in creating high quality short films and our ethos with regards to crewing them is to find skilled individuals who are engaged and passionate about their work. This has resulted in some fantastic crews throughout the years and I am always happy when Addy is free and able to be part of our projects. She's shown herself to be incredibly skilled and an honest pair of hands, with an attitude which is very much in keeping with the way we like to operate.' Douglas Cox, Owner // Producer - Shadowhouse Films

'Addy has worked for me as Head of Makeup & Hair on two indie feature films. During both productions, she displayed total professionalism and outstanding talent. Her work was of the highest standard; she was always one of the first people on set and had a wonderful attitude towards her work.' Charis Orchard, Director // Producer

'Addy is the best Hair & Makeup Artist I've had the pleasure of working with. Whether creating an army of zombies, or mastering intricate Victorian hairstyles, Addy's work is always exemplary and her work looks incredible even on the largest cinema screens. Addy has proven her craft and versatility time and time again and I would recommend her highly for any production.' Rob Savage, Director

'I have hired Addy on several occasions and have booked her for upcoming projects in my team also. She has consistently been pleasant, punctual and hard working. She is a talented artist with a 'can-do' attitude and also possesses the ability to remain calm and congenial under pressure. She has worked within large, fast paced teams for me and has been very pro-active as well as helpful to the other Makeup Artists. I am happy to recommend her and am also certain she would make a valuable contribution to any team.' Alexa Riva Ravina, Makeup Designer 

'Addy is amazing, she's a pleasure to work with and was a great asset to our team. She did an incredible job on my production, bringing her passion, creativity, professionalism and huge enthusiasm to the project. I could not recommend her more and can't wait to work with her again.'

Emma Richardson, Owner // Producer - Dream Maker Films 

'I had the absolute pleasure of working with Addy on a piece that required a cool-headed, can-do attitude, the ability to rock and roll with developments and changes at a moment's notice and an attention to detail that was always a satisfaction to see on-camera. I can't wait to work with her again and would recommend her in a heart beat.'

Mark J. Blackman, Director 

'Addy is a talent we had been looking to hire for sometime, due to her impressive resume and skill. We finally had the opportunity to bring her onboard our latest production, and we were highly impressed. Addy is not only an exceptional Makeup Designer and Hair Stylist, she has such a lovely way about her that puts onscreen talent at ease immediately. Actors are endeared to her as much as the crew. Addy will remain on our list of preferential crew for the foreseeable future.'

James Hughes, Owner // Producer & Director of Sunset Aperture

'Addy was wonderful to work with. She expertly executed six very intense makeup designs, including hair and special effects, beautifully and with ease and she was extremely attentive to detail on set. Not only did our cast look great, but we didn't have a single issue with HMU continuity when it came to the edit. I can't wait to work with her again in the near future.' 

Haley Bishop, Owner // Director - Bish Media  

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